Towards a human-centric, technology-enabled future

Dealing With The New Normal

Our turbulent times are marked by rapid changes, by fascinating opportunities and novel challenges. Often we find ourselves caught between tech enthusiasts and dystopic pessimists, not knowing who to believe, where to find orientation and how to handle fear of missing out on a new innovations. 

At the same time our society asks for new ways of doing business and investors follow the call. We ask for more than just convenient products and shareholder value - we demand more responsibility: socially, ethically, ecologically.

About Tomorrow's mission is to provide guidance, to promote technological literacy and to help organizations navigate constant change and position themselves for the future.

Our Focus Topics

Digital Technologies

Deep neural networks, blockchain, edge computing,... exponential development whereever you look. But what does it mean for your organization? How to find orientation and understand the true potential, challenges and risks behind the buzzwords? 
We will plug in and develop your personalized opportunity radar. Together we will define new business models and strategies customized to your needs and support you and your team in successfully handling the digital transformation.

Life Sciences

Scientists went from reading to writing to editing genomes in no time. Whether it's about precision medicine, human enhancement or extending not just the life span but also the health span - life sciences are developing at amazing speed. Not least because they are among the first to profit from digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics and distributed ledgers.
Let's get to work and evaluate the potentials for your organization. We will not just assess chances and challenges but also create awareness and curiosity among your team.


New technologies always have an impact on society. Due to their massive transformative power and rapid development technologies such as artificial intelligence and genome editing will have a particularly strong influence on how our world will look like and function tomorrow. More than ever individuals as well as organizations need to consider how they want to position themselves towards the use of these technologies.
We will support you in developing your guiding principles, the mission, the vision and core values that fit your believes and your organization´s compass. Together we will find ways for you to participate in an active dialogue in society.

What We Do

Consulting Projects

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  • Sparring partner: We will accompany you on your journey, whether you are looking for regular personalized trend updates or whether you want to test your latest ideas, let´s meet and discuss.
  • Customized technology assessment: Let´s dig deeper and analyze what will move your organization forward based on a tailored opportunity radar and a thorough risk/benefit analysis.
  • Strategy development: We will support you in developing a sustainable strategy that aligns with your core values and strengths to ensure lasting success of your organization.
  • Business model innovation: By defining new ways of doing business we will help you drive competitive differentiation and actively design and create the future. 

Workshops and Trainings

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Every project requires collaboration, creativity and empowerment of the team members. Workshops are a great tool to spark interest and motivation, to educate and also leverage your team's full potential. Here are some examples of workshops we offer:

  • Technological literacy
  • Mission and vision statement development
  • Value-based design and design thinking to develop new products and services


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Whether it's a keynote speech, an input presentation or a lecture, my talks are designed to inspire, intrigue and entertain. Being an experienced speaker I have already covered topics such as "Digital and Mobile Health", "AI and Big Data in Pharma" and "Women in Digital", just to name a few. Contact me and together we will come up with the ideal topic and format for your event.


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Who We Are

Dr. Verena Lütschg

Founder, CEO 

I am many different things: I am a scientist with a PhD in molecular biology and I am a management consultant, a dive guide, infovore, obsessive reader and much more. I believe in keeping moving, be it professionally or geographically, physically or mentally. Open mindedness and constant learning play a key role in my life.

My core values are passion, integrity, curiosity. Without passion you're never all in. Without integrity there is no trust nor credibility. Without curiosity there simply is no world around you.

Adrian Lütschg

Partner, Circular Economy 

I’m an avid life explorer motivated by intrinsic curiosity and challenged by fast changing environments. I’m a great problem solver, always eager to learn new things and meet new cultures. A political scientist by training, I'm addicted to news channels and non-fiction books. Explaining complex concepts and connecting dots makes me happy. I value good food and the company of interesting people. I would like to help make our economy more sustainable and user-friendly. 

Our partner

Selected customers

Would you like to learn more about our offers, our expertise or do you have a specific request? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the details:

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